Fuente Fuente Opus X Shark

One of my favorite cigars is the Opus X, and it’s not often I get my hands on a Shark, but thanks to fellow reviewer here Chris, I had a few begging to come out of the humidor and tonight was just that night.  What I hear often from novice smokers (which I was not too long ago) and I have even seen in some other reviewers notes is that this is a round cigar that is box pressed on the end to make it have that square end. That however, is not true. The cigar is actually hand rolled with the round to square shape, no rolled round and then box pressed on the end.

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Fuente Fuente Opus X (Belicoso XXX)

This Father’s Day, my daughter (with the help of her mother), gave me some wonderful cigars and a great outdoor lighter. I will be reviewing them over the next few days, I’ll start off with what may be one of my favorite cigars, the Opus X. Today, my review is specifically on the  Arturo Fuente Fuente Opus X (Belicoso XXX).

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